What Kind Of Lions Fan Are You?/The Lions Will Win the Super Bowl Before These 11 Teams

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“In the Super Bowl era 20 of the 32 NFL teams have won at least one Super Bowl.” I have to hear this stat every year, because the lions aren’t one of the 20.

SO WHAT its 11 other miserable and non-super bowl winning fans out there who are just like me.

Look at a team like the Bengals, who reached the Super Bowl twice in the ‘80s, but they have not won a playoff game since 1990 and went one-and-done every year with Marvin Lewis coaching.

In Los Angeles Phillip Rivers had a few championship-caliber teams specifically in 2006, and we don’t hear about their misfortunes.

The Cardinals last won a championship in 1947 when they were the Chicago Cardinals making then proud owners of being the team with the longest championship drought among all North American sports teams.

When Kurt Warner arrived, Arizona made a surprise run to Super Bowl 43 and that was about it. But now with Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury at the helm, nothing.

The Bills had their chance in the 90s but it’s no way it’s happening now.

The Panthers have had more success than anybody could have expected.
Four NFC title game appearances and appearances in Super Bowls 38 and 50


Carolina hasn’t won a playoff game since reaching Super Bowl 50.

Another franchise that entered the NFL in 1995 The Jaguars have made three AFC Championship Game appearances. Yes I know that’s three more than the Lions but look who’s laughing now.

The Browns have NEVER played in a Super Bowl, and don’t expect Baker Mayfield to take them to one.

The Minnesota Vikings lost four Super Bowls between the 1969 and’ 76 seasons.
There was the Gary Anderson missed kick.
There was Brett Favre’s interception.
There was Blair Walsh’s missed field goal.
There was that 2017 NFC Championship blowout
Finally, Kirk Cousins.

You like that?

Its gonna take a long time to undo what Bill O Brien did in Houston.

The Titans were one yard away at one point BUT THEY STILL AINT WON ONE YET.

I know you guys never get tired of laughing at lions fans and our false hopes each year, but after that victory how can you not be excited for the rest of the season. Lions Super Bowl on the way baby. This is the year we make it off the list.

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