These Are the Rules to a Detroit Lions Collapse | Football With a Lions Fan | Episode 2

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Were looking for our biggest fan:
I drank the Kool-Aid. So, since these are the same old Lions


We Lions’ fans aren’t new to this, we true to this.

Allow me to school you on a “Lions Collapse”.  Now for it to be a collapse, that means the Lions did something they don’t normally do early, and that’s score more points than the other team.  They were known under Jim Caldwell as the “Cardiac Cats” because of their string of late fourth-quarter comebacks.  That seems to be the only way the Lions can keep the lead.

Here’s Sign Number 1 that you’re in a collapse: Kickers missing field goals.
Obviously, when a team is roaring back from down 17, the one thing you want to do is settle for 55-yard field goals. Now don’t get me wrong, Prater is normally money, and when he misses, it is a big indication that the Lions are about to Lion.  They had pretty good kickers for the most part, but Every Lions fan knows things are about to go south, when our kickers start missing field goals.

Sign number 2: They have a HUGE lead.

Whether it be settling for field goals, or just not scoring at all, the Lions have it covered.  They hate scoring touchdowns in the red zone.  In 2019 they ranked near the bottom of the league in Red Zone scoring

Sign number 3: Well there’s this thing called defense.

The Lions have never really been good at it. I’m sure every team in the NFL licks their chops when they see that daunting Lions defense on their schedule.

Sign number 4: There has to be a turnover.

Guaranteed, somebody will turn the ball over, and the chances that it will be Stafford are high, AND the chances that it will be a game defining turnover are even higher.

Sign number 5: They’re the Lions

The Lions are so bad at holding on to leads, in the 2014 season they had a chance to win the division for the first time since 1993, and they blew it.  Aaron Rodgers would walk into Detroit on a 5-game winning streak, as the Lions lost its previous two games, along with the lead in the division.

They lost a 20 point lead and the division.

So, when you’re watching the game this weekend and if the Lions happen to go up by 10 or ore just know there’s still a lot of game left and the Lions are gonna Lion.

This franchise is poverty and they don’t really deserve nice things.

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