The Worst Video Idea I Ever Read | 10 Possible Trade Destinations for Lebron James

I shall call this series, ‘Mulligans’. I get a chance to talk (and whine) about my career to this point. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, but most importantly, we’ll make fun of me.

You know these really bad “imaginary trade scenario” videos you see; well I did one of those. See, in 2018, Lebron signed with LA for four years $153 million. The problem was, they stunk. So was tasked with doing one of the worst videos I’ve ever done.

Now, it was technically sound, and the overall quality was good, but why the hell would the Lakers trade Lebron after one season? Especially to the Clippers.

That trade doesn’t even make sense. Or the Cleveland Cavaliers. Like why would anybody even suggest this? Yes some superstars return home to retire with one team, but as you can see, if you just waited a year, Lebron won a championship in LA.

Then, there was horrible suggestion after horrible suggestion.

Lebron to New York. Nobody wants to play in New York.

Lebron to Toronto. Nobody wants to play in Toronto.

I would be absolutely disgusted by a Lebron James and James Harden pairing.

Lebron to Den–now Lebron to Denver would be intriguing but its all hypothetical… All ESPN trade simulation s**t.

Here’s a tip for everybody out there. If you want to make good content, do it, but just make sure the idea is a good one, otherwise you’ll end up making the worst video ever.

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