The NFL Absolutely Hates the New Orleans Saints

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Now originally for this video, I was gonna talk about Bountygate, and that terrible pass interference call that Michael Thomas is somewhere crying about right now, but now, the NFL Absolutely hates you for one specific reason. Racism.

Because Drew Brees was the model white man. He was wholesome, he had a perfect image, and he seemingly did everything right. He was a superhero, and it is tough to see your heroes go down. Drew Brees just destroyed his image, because he believes, what he believes, and he folded. Everything he says now, is reactionary, now he loses credibility.

You’re telling me, all it took was a ton of pressure and angry people yelling at you for you to feel remorse?

This is why the NFL hates Drew Brees, because if Americans can witness a cop kill a man on video and not step back and say “Hey wait a minute, maybe our black players were right”. NFL players made this video and now the NFL is reactionary. Now they have to do the one thing they never wanted to admit
Colin Kaepernick was right.

All proceeds for this video will go to the cause, black lives matter and
**** Drew Brees.

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