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I’m not just being a prisoner of the moment, but these are the greatest nfl playoffs ever. In the opening week, two six seeds knocked out my Super Bowl picks.

This is the second time in two years that two six seeds have gone on to the divisional round. Prior to that, it hadn’t happened since 2013, when the Saints and the Chargers won. In 2010, the Jets and the Packers won both their wild card and divisional round games. The Jets would lose in the conference championship game, but the Packers would go on to win the Super Bowl.

Kirk Cousins finally had a playoff moment

The Bills went up 16 on the Texans and then forgot how to play football. Thanks to Deshaun Watson and some brain farts by Josh Allen, the Texans moved on in a thrilling overtime victory.

DK Metcalf showed everybody why the 3 cone drill shouldn’t even be a thing.

In the Divisional Round, the Texans ran the score up in the first quarter…Then the second quarter happened.

The Chiefs scored.

And scored

The Titans

And scored

The Titans

And scored

The Titans ran through the Patriots and shocked the entire football world, when they beat Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

Derrick Henry is a monster. The NFL’s rushing leader has run for 377 yards in his first two games in the playoffs. Just absolutely shredding up defenses. He even got a passing touchdown in.

Jimmy G got his playoff cherry popped, and the 9ers defense penetrated the line of scrimmage so well Kiara Mia would appreciate it.

In Green Bay, AR-12 is back to his winning ways and is no longer under the influence of McCarthyism. He was dropping dimes.

So now here we are on Conference Championship Weekend.
The Titans are the underdogs. This is like the runs the Giants had the year they beat the Patriots. The Chiefs have the quarterback of the future in Patrick Mahomes, but they also have Andy Reid.

An offense that can score in bunches. Andy Reid

Big plays. Andy Reid.

I’m going with the Chiefs.

The 49ers defense will get tested and the Packers wont go out like they did last time. Aaron Rodgers looks primed and ready to win his second super bowl rings, but on behalf of the NFC North crew:

F**k. Aaron. Rodgers

9ers win.

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