The Eulogy of Bob Quinn & Matt Patricia | Matt Patricia is FIRED

Today we say goodbye to the trash. Finally, finally finally Matt Patricia is unemployed. It started off terrible and ended the same way, but now, The Quinn Tricia experiment is over and man was I wrong about all of it.

This regime was horrible and it destroyed a solid foundation left behind by Jim Caldwell. They didn’t win, but they built something that was supposed to be improved upon. Instead it was burned to ashes, because the Ford’s hired Rod Wood to start.

Then on January 8th 2016, a day that will live in Lions fan infamy, he hired Bob Quinn.

Time might be up on Rod Wood too.

Was Bob Quinn a good GM?

In Bob Quinn’s first draft, he drafted a long snapper. He drafted a long snapper. Listen to that sentence. Look at those words. May this be the last time you ever see or hear them together ever again. He also founded a charity foundation for some of the most overpaid free agents of all time.

In the middle of an In the Hunt season. Bob Quinn made a great move in the Snacks Harrison trade. The Lions were 3 and 3 and just traded for the best run stopper in the NFL at the time. A week later Bob Quinn traded away Stafford’s most reliable target to the Philadelphia Eagles for a third-round pick.

The Lions were 3-3 at the time and they finished the season 6-10. Stafford was throwing to Brandon Powell whose career has not quite taken off yet. So today we say goodbye to the second worst general manager in Lions history. As hard as he tried, and had the Ford’s let him, he probably would’ve surpassed Matt Millen.

F^^k Bob Quinn.

What more needs to be said about Matt Patricia that I haven’t already said? Speaking from a pure football perspective. You are terrible at coaching football and you more than proved it here. The fact that you held on to this job so long, is breathtakingly hilarious. If any general manager or owner gives you another chance they will be the biggest fool this planet has ever seen. You may be a whiz when it comes to understanding football, but your application is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

So, as we come here to say good riddance to what some knew would happen from the beginning, others prayed would be different and few will miss, another horrible chapter in Lions football can only be summed up in one way.


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