The 10 Worst Coaches Detroit Lions History | Fire Matt Patricia STILL

During the bye week I decided to check myself into a facility for insane fans. I felt it was a necessary step after watching all these coaches get fired except for the one that really really really needs to be fired: Matt Patricia.

Now far be it from me to wish unemployment on anybody but I cant think of a more deserving person to lose his job than the head coach of the Detroit Lions. He stinks. Its football it’s not rocket science. All of their coaches always stink. During the Super Bowl era, of the 18 coaches in Detroit Lions history only 4 of them have records above .500

George Wilson

Joe Schmidt

Jim Caldwell

Gary Moeller

Moeller was an interim coach and stepped in for Bobby Ross and almost got the team to the playoffs but thanks to a Paul Edinger field goal the Lions were knocked out of the playoffs with a 9-7 record. So that’s three coaches who were full time and had a winning record. One guy died after one season. There were a few guys like Harry Gilmer who played in Detroit who got a job. He was fired after two seasons. Dick Jauron only coached 5 games after taking over for Steve Mariucci. They even hired the director of personnel and scouting to be head coach once.

What I am trying to say is that the Lions suck and they need to fire Matt Patricia but he’s still not the worst coach in Lions history. Yet.

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