Take A Guess: The Sports Trivia Game Show Hosted by DeQwan Young | Episode 29

What’s up everybody and welcome to the internet’s favorite game show “Take a Guess”! The show designed to test your knowledge about sports! Playing Take a Guess is simple. I give you 10 questions, each question is worth a point value. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins, but there is an opportunity for someone to steal the game, with The Final Guess. An additional question worth 1000 points. So, the game’s always wide open, and it’s always anybody’s game.

Post your answer in the chat and play live.

Now because this is the internet, there are answers everywhere, so be fast, be vigilant, and wait for me to read the whole question, because I will try and trick you.

We’ll announce the winner on our social media accounts, but thanks for playing Take a Guess and We’ll see you guys next week.

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