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By age 22, John Tesh was the youngest reporter at CBS New York. Tesh would also serve as a sportscaster, broadcasting events like the Tour de France. He was the first American anchor to broadcast the event. His biggest opportunity came in the form of co-hosting Entertainment Tonight with Mary Hart.

In the same time span, he would join Yanni on tour as a keyboardist. Which led to John Tesh scoring his first recording contract. For you 80s babies out there, he was the mastermind behind the Bobby’s World theme song and Roundball Rock of course.

John Tesh composed the song for the NBA on NBC in 1990. The song was used an estimated twelve-thousand times by the network. Most notably, they played it during commercial breaks and as John Tesh says “Every time the Chicago Bull’s would crush another basketball team”. Tesh composed the melody while at a hotel in Europe. At the time, Tesh was working on the Tour De France when he heard that NBC was looking for a sports theme. So, like all geniuses and prodigies, he got an idea right on the spot. Problem is, he was in that hotel and was stuck with no piano. So, he wouldn’t forget the melody, Tesh called his home phone, and left a message on his answering machine.

Tesh says ye has no plans for the song in the future. He’s happy its become a part of the culture and Fox Sports acquired the rights to play it during college basketball on Fox. John Tesh gave us the theme song for basketball and we salute him tor that. How excuse me while I go make a shot and run in slow motion as we throw it to commercial break.
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