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A deeper look inside Ronda Rousey’s rehab, after she nearly lost her finger on the set of 911 on Fox. After recovering from a broken hand at Wrestlemania 35 with Dr. Lyneil, she will now continue her physical therapy, with hopes of being able to return to 100%.

Ronda Rousey: I met Lyneil through some mutual friends of ours. (Lyneil) started with my best friend’s husband, then started working with my best friend. He left a wobbler in my house that I used to walk around the house with. (Lyneil) was working with my husband, after his ankle surgery. Then I broke this hand, and I broke that hand, he totally fixed this one, like brand new. I smashed this knuckle so bad, that I have no more knuckle. On the set of 911, I chopped off my finger and I was like, I know just the guy.

My year, I was spending months in casts, and my secret weapon over here for recovery is Lyneil. As soon as I saw that I was able to have my fingers sewed back on, I knew that Lyneil would be able to get me back to as good as new. All I care about is making a fist. I don’t really care about my hand modeling career and I can give up the saxophone.

Yeah. I broke my hand, I’d say probably in the middle of my WrestleMania main event match. I was trying to punch this girl in safe spots, which is basically the arms and the torso. In between switching from arms to torso and arms to torso, I caught her elbow with my pinky and shattered it.

I remember looking down at my hand and seeing lumps that weren’t supposed to be there. And I was like, “Ah, dammit. Keep punching on this hand.” So, not only did I shatter my knuckle, but I did God knows what else to it after I shattered it. Did a whole remix for my right hand. They pretty much had to smoosh all of the parts that they could and put two pins in it. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make a fist again. When I took the cast off I could only do this basically, (but) it’s all the way back and I’m super stoked.

The difference between healing my middle finger, opposed to my knuckle, was the open wound. It was a really big open wound. I (also) had to deal with a really big infection risk because the bone was exposed.

I had to be kept under observation and an IV overnight. We just had to be constantly wary of infection, be constantly cleaning it. It was actually pretty nice that I didn’t have to wear a cast. I hate casts… I hate not being able to scratch myself.

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