Qwality 6 with DJ – Royal Rumble Edition – Who Will Make the Biggest Impact

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Who will make the biggest impact at the Rumble tonight?

Here at Qwanamania, we watch wrestling. We love it, we loved it for years. It’s silly, it’s
ridiculous, it’s also fun as hell. Here at Qwanamania, we also have opinions. And, since this is our channel, we get to share our opinions.

So, we introduce, Qwanamania’s Qwality 6. On this show, we tell you who we think are the top
six wrestlers right now. We’re talking, who entertains US when we are watching. Who did we
tune in for each week. Who has the most potential for that big push, at least, who do we feel
deserves that big push, and for this 1st edition, the Royal Rumble.

What 6 Superstars have a shot at making a big impact at the first big show of the year?

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