When you think Gucci Mane, you don’t think lyrical genius, you think gutter trap music. Not since 2009’s The State vs Radric Davis commercial success has Gucci put together a full body of work. Since then he has released just rushed jailed music. What I mean by that is that the songs were either old, rushed, or just put together before he went to prison deal with his legal issues. This album has a mixture of the street Gucci and commercial Gucci. The production like many of Gucci’s projects is on point. At times during this any other projects you find yourself just listening to the beats and not the lyrics. Mike Will Made It, Zaytoven, and Drumma Boy all handcrafted beats to fit Gucci’s style.  On this album I feel like Gucci stepped up his rapping game.  I don’t know if it’s because we can understand him better because he is not on all those drugs or did prison give him time to write better bars. But he came home and went straight to work.  With Drake singing on “Back on Road” is almost guaranteed to be a hit. Then you have Young Thug doing his Young Thug thing where he sing , rap, scat , yell,  bop , ran over cat noise on the song “ GuWop Home .” The Thing about Young Thug on this song is that he makes it better and as much as you want to hate it you cannot by the end of the song. The last feature is Kanye West on “Pu$$y Print” talking about their money looking a pussy print. I would argue that Kanye spit some cool bars but Gucci took control of the song though and bars were better.  Throughout the album Gucci let you know that he is not on drugs anymore, especially on the “Intro”. Also, he tells everybody stop stealing his style as well as he is still rich and here to stay (see “All my sons” and “Richest Nigga in the Room”). He seemed to have learned his lesson from prison this time, but you can never tell with these rappers. But, for now let us appreciate the fact that GuWoooppppp Hommmmeee!!!!!


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