Matthew Stafford Should DEMAND a Trade From the Detroit Lions

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This is John Matthew Stafford, quarterback of the Detroit Lions. At age 32. He leads the Lions in all things passing:

Games Played

You name it, it’s Matthew Stafford.

None of that stuff matters to you guys, because Matthew Stafford’s Lions haven’t won and that’s all people see. Matthew Stafford plays at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, the same organization who, in the super bowl era has literally never won anything.

It’s a broken record. Matthew Stafford signed up for this insurmountable task of making this sh***y team competitive and he’s done it. He’s played in 13 games this season. He has 3,522 yards, 22 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. The offense is ranked near the bottom third of the league, they’re ranked 11th in pass yards and 10th in pass yards a game.

In another world, the Lions surround Stafford with weapons, they put a defense behind him and the Lions win the super bowl; in the twilight zone, the Lions make Matthew Stafford the scapegoat for another Ford let down. So when you say, “It’s just not working”. Stafford can’t win blah blah blah. You’re right, and that’s not because of Matthew Stafford.

In a week 8 game in 2017 against the Steelers, on a Monday Night, Stafford went 27-45 for 423 yards with zero touchdowns and 0 interceptions. The Lions kicked
5 field goals that game.

There was a play in the 4th quarter where Stafford put a ball perfectly in a hole to Golden Tate. He caught the ball and just fumbled it. It’s the only metaphor for the Matthew Stafford led Detroit Lions that I can think of that fits perfectly.

The solution is to draft your quarterback of the future, let him sit behind Stafford and take the keys afterwards. You know where the Patriots had Tom Brady, sitting behind Drew Bledsoe. Steve Young was behind Joe Montana. Aaron’s Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre for 4 seasons. We don’t have a coach, a GM, or any direction after getting out of a seriously traumatic experience. Let’s take what little time we have left, with the best quarterback in Lions history and enjoy it. Instead, they’re are calls to trade him.

He’s brung this lowly franchise back from the depths of hell, and in typical Lions fashion, they’ve done jack s**t with it. The fans have made him the scapegoat, when there’s only one name to blame. He should make the decision easy for management and whatever new coach and GM they bring in.

Trade me to a contender, now!

Free Matthew Stafford.

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