Isiah Thomas, The Bad Boys and The Jordan Rules

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Every story needs a villain. For Lebron it’s the Warriors
For me its snacking after midnight
And for Michael Jordan it was the Bad Boys.

The Bad Boys were the greatest and most productive era of basketball in the history of the Detroit Pistons. Led by Isaiah Thomas, the Bad Boys would win back to back titles in 1989 and 1990.

They were the bridge from the NBA of old to Jordan’s NBA.The NBA we all still clamor for.

None of this friendly, jersey swapping, hand holding team up garbage.
I’m talking about your Daddys NBA. The Era where players would get mauled, start a royal rumble, shoot free throws and continue the game.

The Bad Boy Pistons didn’t three peat or win 10 straight titles. They built a team, had a run, and gave the greatest player of all time his toughest challenge. Every story needs a villain and the Bad Boys were the NBA’s greatest. With three simple words, they stopped the greatest from getting his.

These are the Jordan Rules.
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