How The AAF Was Born, and Collapsed in 8 Weeks

On this day in 2019, the Alliance of American Football kicked off it’s inaugural season. in what was to be a developmental league for fringe NFL talents to continue their football careers. The AAF was founded by filmmaker and tv producer, Charlie Ebersol, son of Dick Ebersol, an executive at NBC and former business partner of Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon. Some 19 years earlier, Dick and Vince brought us the XFL.

In 2017, Charlie Ebersol directed an ESPN 30 for 30 film, This Was the XFL. Drawing inspiration from the many mistakes his father and Vince Mcmahon made; like taking on the NFL, as opposed to a partnership. The AAF wanted to create a league that was complementary to the NFL. Fostering a relationship between NFL Players and management. The ultimate goal was to be a developmental league for players, coaches and officials. Along with an experimental testing ground for potential rule changes that the NFL could possibly adopt.

A hit by Sean Washington on Mike Bercovicci sent social media into a frenzy, he put the league on the map in it’s opening weekend.

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