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Black News: Interview with Black Donald Trump, RIP. Katt Williams, and Sharpova Trash 

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, my name is D’Quan Jackson and welcome to Black News. Sunday, the race for the democratic nomination continued as presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took to the debate in Flint,MI.

In what was widely considered a upset victory for Bernie and his campaign, he took home a victory in the primary election in Michigan.

Last week, we discussed Donald Trump and his current campaign for the Republican nomination and he was none to pleased. So this week, we’re giving Trump an opportunity to speak for himself. Ladies and Gentleman Mister Black Donald J Trump.

This week Katt Williams was beat up and arrested in a span of three days, which is an olympic record. In what looked like a scene from Def Jam: Vendetta, Katt was recorded at a a Beanie Segal concert in Philly throwing a forearm shiver and then getting stomped out.

This week Maria Sharapova was caught doping when she tested positive the day after losing to Serena Williams at the Australian Open. When we reached out to Serena for comment she had this to say.

Now it’s time for a new segment called: How Trash Are You? We’ve got 30 seconds to see How trash Maria Sharapova is. The results are in and Sharapova is Oscar the Grouch level trash. Fam HOW YOU LOSE 19 TIMES TO SERENA AND YOU WAS CHEATIN? You are living in poverty on Sesame Street while everyone else is flourishing. You can’t even get your own segment. You gotta share it with Maria and Elmo. You trash.
This week Nancy Reagan died.

That’s it for this week in Black News. Be Safe and Stay Turnt.

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