Lamar Jackson is the 2020 NFL MVP | The Countdown | DeQwan Young

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Now I’m going to be subtle here and say that quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson don’t fit the mold of your typical nfl quarterbacks because hes “mobile” or dual threat.

We call that, “RED SIX, RED SIX”

Because mobility is a bad thing right guys? Steve Young scampers for 59 yards and we play it in a highlight reel, but when we evaluate talent, there’s a red flag. Quarterbacks being able to escape pressure is a good thing, because the guys coming off the edge at 6’5 299 lbs run a 4.3 40, and they just might be able to beat your offensive lineman, so ya know, having somebody who can move freely in the pocket, and extend plays is kinda nice. Right? Cuz when Ben Rothelisberger does it, it’s amazing.

The “dual threat quarterback” isn’t a new thing at all, but there is this stigma surrounding them.

In the early days of football, Pro-Style offenses we’re developed to be much more complicated than those in college or high school. With those offenses, you can win, by taking your best athletes and getting them the ball. In the NFL, that’s not as effective. So, offenses had to evolve. Which is a big part of the problem, traditional coaches not embracing the athletes they have today. Instead of making the game easier on their quarterbacks, they’re trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.

In the 1950s, Tobin Rote could be considered the first dual threat quarterback, led the Packers in rushing for 3 seasons

Fran Tarkenton, who wrote of his NFL career, “When I began my nfl career in 1961, I was a freak. The reason was simple: I played quarterback and I ran. There were no designed runs in our playbook, but I would scramble out of the pocket when a play broke down.” “It was not a skill set that was embraced. Plenty of people mocked it and the rest written it off”

Randall Cunningham and Steve Young would come next and we speak about their career paths differently.

Steve Young is a hall of famer. He’s on tv, we saw the highlights, and he gets the adjulation he deserves, and for good reason! He was a great successor to Joe Montana and if it weren’t for concussions, he’d have a more impressive resume.

Randall Cunningham was the first African American quarterback to start the pro bowl, after his amazing 1988 season. He was a four time all pro
He revolutionized the game of football, yet, he is not in the hall. He didn’t win a Super Bowl. I don’t even think he gets mentioned much anymore.

Michael Vick revolutionized the game, and tho he isn’t a hall of famer statistically, what he did in his career was legendary.
In the early 2000s, Michael Vick was being deemed Quarterback of the future. But due to injuries and his legal problems, he won’t get the praise he deserves.

He did the crime. He did his time. Let it go.

The game refuses to evolve. The Lamar Jackson doubters still live and die by this stigma that “dual threat quarterbacks” are bad for football.

“How long will their bodies hold up”
“Will they ever learn to be pocket passers”
“Can they lead a team”

It’s all because of their “mobility”. The leash is smaller for these mobile quarterbacks. They aren’t allowed to fail, or grow in a system that suits them. They’re forced into a pro style offense, where coaches don’t adjust to the personnel they have, and are forced out of the league before they know what hits them, and even if they do succeed, all of their success would be belittled or dismissed.

Lamar Jackson has had one of the best quarterback seasons we’ve ever watched. No, he didn’t throw for over 50 touchdowns in a season, he didn’t throw for 5,000 yards, and he didn’t go undefeated.

What he did do was:
Throw for 3,127 yards while throwing 36 touchdowns And completing 66% of his passes

He broke Michael Vick’s rushing record while scoring seven touchdowns on the ground

Posted two games with a perfect passer rating

Lead his team to a division title.

In week 10, he went crazy against the Bengals
He went 15 out of 17
For 223 yards
3 touchdowns
While also rushing for 65 yards and 1 touchdown.

He’s thrown for 5 touchdowns twice and will finish this season with a quarterback rating of 113.34

He’s been a beast all season, and he’s had the MVP, wrapped up since week 10.

Lets stop wondering why or how Lamar Jackson accomplished all this, and start wondering why he isn’t getting the praise, recognition, and fame as some of his other contemporaries. “Move them to wide receiver” is no longer a viable answer for mobile quarterbacks and the skill set they bring.

Why Stephon Gilmore Will Win the Defensive Player Of The Year

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Stephon Gilmore is the best defensive back in the NFL right now. Hes the obvious choice for Defensive Player of the Year. Today on the Countdown, we’re gonna break down exactly why he has dominated wide receivers this season.

Playing cornerback in the NFL is probably the second toughest job in the league. Every rule is designed to give wide receivers and the offense an advantage.

Why is all of this important? Well it just goes to show what Stephon Gilmore has done this year is nothing short of dominate.

In 2019 Gilmore has been targeted 52 times in man coverage and has only allowed 24 catches. That’s a quarterback rating of 20.59. To further expound on that stat, in zone coverage hes held opposing quarterbacks to a rating of 31.97, as hes been targeted 23 times, with 12 receptions given up for 125 yards and still no touchdowns. (Editors note: He got beat today)

Per Pro Football Focus, Stephon Gilmore has allowed an NFL passer rating of 32.8 on throws into his coverage this season. The NFL passer rating for throwing the ball away on every play is 39.6. Meaning, opposing quarterbacks have a better shot of throwing the ball away on the opposite side of the field, because its going the other way if you throw it in Gilmores direction.

He’s also been a shutdown corner. In 14 games this season, he has not allowed one, 100 yard receiveing game. In some of the big time matchups against the opposing teams primary targets, he’s been a one man prison.

Against Ju Ju Smith Schuster he was targeted 6 times, with 5 catches allowed for 52 yards

Against Odell Beckham, he was thrown at 8 times, with 6 catches, for 73 yards

And against DeAndre Hopkins, he was targeted 7 times, with 4 catches. For 47 yards

We wont even talk about what he did to Amari Cooper. That boy was in HELL.

So why is he so good?

Gilmore is a physical defensive back who wins early in his routes with receivers. He gets hands on to disrupt the timing of the routes, and he plays through the receiver to the ball. He has good hand placement and even better footwork.

To play man coverage, you have to have good hips, and good ball skills. Gilmore has both, and he’s a playmaker. If the ball is in the air, hes coming down with it.

He also has a high football IQ. Look at how he defends this slant route here, He plays his leverage well. He knows that he’s not getting an outside breaking route from the alignment of the receiver, so he sits and waits for him on the slant, knowing that a fade would be nearly impossible to complete.

We know how great a season TJ Watt and Tredavious White are having, but the unanimous decision has to be Stephon Gilmore for Defensive Player of the Year.

The Defensive Player of the year award has gone to a defensive back 10 times, with five cornerbacks winning, and five safteies winning. This year, the cornerbacks grab there 6th, so that only means one thing. We get a new addition to this glorious quote from Primetime.

Water covers two thirds of the earth and Stephon Gilmore covers the rest.

Matt Stafford Should Ask for a Trade | The Countdown | DeQwan Young

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Maybe it’s not that Matt Stafford is trash, maybe it’s just that, the Lions are trash, and if that’s the case, Matt Stafford should ask for a trade. For Detroit Sports fans, seeing a long-time, great player in Detroit sports history, move on to greener pastures, and win a championship in their respective sport, is nothing new. We saw it with Verlander, Schrezer, Kyle Van Noy etc etc

Leaving Detroit is the ultimate accomplishment in sports and it would be no different for Matt Stafford. Now for the longest time, I would go on spells where I would call Stafford trash, but I always thought he was a good quarterback. Is he Aaron Rodgers? No, but he’s also not Mitch Trubisky either. Lions fans should be very thankful for that.

Truth be told, Stafford is easily the greatest quarterback in Detroit Lions history. Let’s look at the numbers.

Matt Stafford has over 40,000 yards passing, the next closest is…Bobby Layne.

When Bobby Layne was quarterback they had barely invented the forward pass.

Against the Minnesota Vikings, he became the fastest quarterback to join the exclusive 40,000 yards club. Joining the likes of John Elway, Peyton Manning and Joe Montana, whom he passed. He’s also had the benefit of playing from behind? If that’s even a thing. 51.7% of yards have come when the Lions were trailing.

Stafford has been on pace, with some of the most elite signal callers the game has ever seen, and I’m not saying he’s a hall of famer, but he could make a solid case towards the end of his career.

Well why haven’t the Lions won a super bowl?

Plain and simple, The Lions are trash, and always will be. Every since Bobby Lane put that hex on us, and William Clay Ford bought this team in 1963, the Lions have been terrible..

One playoff win in the super bowl era.
No super bowl appearances. Winning seasons? Tuh!

If we have a great defense, our offense is trash. If we make it to the playoffs, we get screwed, if we start out white hot, we’re cooled off by week 5. The Lions have had two of the greatest skill players to ever play the game, walk away from the game at an early age, because of how bad they are.

A lot of people used to blame Stafford for Megatron retiring, but there was an evolution to Matt Stafford once he lost his safety valve. The guy with a catch radius of a small garage.

Matt Stafford has the potential, but he’s never had the teams, and the Lions should trade him, so he can finally experience what it’s like to have a shot at winning, because he deserves it.

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Kobe Bryant Reacts to Lizzo Twerking in her Thong At Staples Center

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Lizzo was feeling good as hell at Staples Center, and Kobe Bryant had to get his family out of there, immediately!

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Top 5 Super Bowls of All Time | The Countdown

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Before I started at TPS, I had my own countdown show called ‘Top 5’ for my sports website Here is the first episode, Top 5 Super Bowls of All-Time.

Welcome to Top 5! The show where pick a subject and rank it’s top 5. This week, we’re looking at the Super Bowl. In its golden anniversary, the Super Bowl has evolved into the spectacle of spectacles. Whether tuning in for the Puppy Bowl, seeing new and exciting advertisements, or the game itself, the Super Bowl has something for everyone. So today we count down the Top 5 Super Bowls of All Time.

Number 5: Super Bowl 23 Joe Montana leads the San Francisco 49ers down the field on an 11 play 92 yard drive to beat the Cincinnati Bengals. The game was tied leading all the way up until the end of the 3rd quarter, when Stanford Jennings returned a 93 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. With 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Bengals up 16-13, Joe Montana took over. He picked apart the Bengals defense driving downfield to put the 49ers within striking distance. With 39 seconds left, Montana found John Taylor in the endzone to cap off an 11 play drive, and put the 9ers up 20-16 and give Bill Walsh his last Super Bowl victory.

Number 4: Super Bowl 34 The Greatest Stop on Turf. Kurt Warner vs Steve McNair. It was an uphill battle for the Titans as they were on the wrong end of a 16-0 lead by the Rams. With a gutsy effort by Steve McNair and the rest of the Titans, they fought back tying the score at 16. Warner then found Isaac Bruce for a 73 yard touchdown to give the Rams a 23-16 lead. With under 2 minutes left, Air McNair lead the Titans to the 10 yard line with only six seconds left. However, On the Titans final play, Kevin Dyson’s slant route came up about three yards short and the Rams pulled out the victory in Super Bowl 34.

Number 3: Super Bowl 49 FEED THE BEAST…MODE. The two best teams in primetime going at it for the championship, WHAT’S BETTER THAN THAT? Going into halftime tied at 14, the Seahawks would come out in the 3rd to go up 10 over the Patriots. Then Tom Brady shows up. The Patriots scoring 14 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to go up by four. Once the Seahawks we’re driving to score, we saw the same magic that has plagued the great Sir Thomas Brady before in Super Bowl history as Jermaine Kearse caught a miraculous pass to set the Seahawks up inside the five. We all thought it was over, until Russell Wilson throws to a wide open Malcolm Butler. Fortunately for Pats fans Malcolm Butler plays for them.

Number 2: Super Bowl 42 I don’t know what we are calling it, but David Tyree’s helmet catch is the single luckiest SLASH greatest SLASH exciting play to ever exist in Super Bowl history. The Patriots marched into the game with a perfect season on the line, while the Giants entered as a wild card, winning three road games to make it to Super Sunday. The game was a defensive battle in the first half, and picked up the scoring in the 4th quarter. With The Giants coming out on top after a fantastic escape by Eli, a toss to Tyree, capped off with a touchdown to a wide-open Plaxico Burress; the Giants ended Brady and New England’s undefeated streak.

Number 1: Super Bowl 43 The Super Bowl with the greatest defensive play (arguably with our number 3 pick Malcolm Butler’s interception), in James Harrison’s 100-yard interception return, Larry Fitzgerald giving the Cardinals the lead with 2 minutes left, and Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes in the corner of the endzone. This Super Bowl matched up a high powered offense against a stingy defense, Kurt against Ben, and it also gave us John Madden’s last Super Bowl broadcast. It was dominated early on by the Steelers with their defense keeping the Cardinals to 7 points all the way until the 4th quarter. After scoring sixteen unanswered points, the Cardinals lead the game with 2:30 seconds left. That’s when BEN GOT SURGICAL. Starting his drive from the 21 yard line Ben drove down the field and hit Santonio Holmes in the corner of the endzone with the single most greatest pass in the history of the Super Bowl. The Steelers won 27-23.

That was our Top 5 Greatest Super Bowls of all time. If you like what you saw, click the subscribe button. We’ll see you next week on Top 5.

10 Most HEARTBREAKING Late Game Losses | The Countdown

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The Clutch Gene. Some people have it, some people don’t. The players on this list came through for their teams at a crucial point in the game, before it all came crashing down, in heartbreaking fashion.

I’m DJ and this is the Countdown

Today, we bring to you: 10 of the Most Heartbreaking Late Game Losses

10. The River City Relay

With an outside shot at the playoffs, the New Orleans Saints entered their week 16 matchup needing to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. With just seconds remaining, They needed a miracle…

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GREATEST Walk Off’s in NFL History | The Countdown | DeQwan Young

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NFL games consist of 60 minute. Over 100 plays are run in games. So more often than not, the game-winning touchdown comes well before the clock strikes zero. But some NFL players opted for style points. They scored their heroic TD with no time left, or in over time.

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Writer: DeQwan Young
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REACTION: Paying College Athletes | Tim Tebow First Take Reaction | The Countdown

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Listen, I’m gonna be honest with you. The reason you don’t think NCAA athletes should get paid, is because you thought your coach hated you in high school. because you believed you should’ve been a starter, and the all-state, Mr. Football running back, who once rushed for 604 yards on 11 carries, wasn’t even that good. Paying college athletes is a slippery slope, yes, but here’s the thing, nobody asked you for your stupid ass opinion.

For the 2017 fiscal year the NCAA reported 1 billion dollars in revenue, with most of the revenue stream coming from the Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship, now I’m gonna cite my source and turn this paper in 2 minutes before it’s due.

And listen, I know you wanna argue some stupid ass point about some guy in science class not getting paid for doing something academically. But please don’t. If science was entertaining, Disney would have bought it and put it on its streaming service. When I’m on the field risking paralysis or a degenerative brain disease, Johnny isn’t in the lab dissecting a pig brain, he’s in the stands screaming at the top of his lungs because he just drank a fifth of Grey goose because he can afford to work. I’m also old as hell and grey goose was popping when I was in college. Yea a long time ago.

Basically, the point I’m trying to make is fuck Tim Tebow. He can stand on his soap box all he wants and turn money down because he never needed it, but there’s an athlete on scholarship right now, who is on the verge of escaping poverty, but the family he left behind is in a less than stellar situation and he’s helpless. The chances that these kids are mostly black are very very high. Not only is that disheartening, it’s also fucking trash, because the coaches that have to listen to these kids stories every four years go home to 10 million dollar pay days and a cozy home life.

The system has been flawed since its inception, and now there’s a chance that athletes can have a better college experience. Yes it should be about the education, and it is, but the fact that NCAA athletes bring in over millions and billions of dollars in revenue for their perspective schools and see none of it is asinine.

Host: DeQwan Young
Writer: DeQwan Young

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