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The Rehabilitation of Wesley Richards Part 1 | TNA Impact | Interview Series Wesley Richards, (also known as Davey Richards) suffered a serious ACL injury on the TNA UK tour. While starting his rehabilitation, Wesley discovered Dr. Lyneil and Revolution Physical Therapy. Revolution has had the pleasure of working with many ACL rehabilitation patients including International Futbol Superstar Alex Tayo, and Abbie Trzeciak who returned to sport 15 weeks after

Being a Superhero Trash Superpowers, immortality, fighting skills, public acceptance, women. These are all things every superhero should enjoy right? As a kid I thought that being a superhero could possibly be the greatest job to ever exist in the history of employment. With time, I learned that with the exception of very few, that taxing life of saving the world before it collapses on multiple occasions is one that


Mar 2016

This is 30

This is 30 As I think back on the last ten years of my life a phrase comes to mind; stupid, yet fun. I’m kissing my twenties goodbye next week. I feel like I’ve been mentally preparing for some time now. I’m actually really excited to venture into my thirties! There will be things I will miss about being in my twenties, but there are things I am ready to leave behind. In

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Explain a Film Plot Badly – Captain America: Civil War We explain the plot synopsis for Captain America: Civil War where a billionaire (Donald Trump) goes up against a guy born in 1910 (Bernie Sanders), with the help of another character stuck in the middle (Hillary Clinton).  

I have a confession…I’m obsessed with The Bachelor. This is a pretty well known fact amongst my family and friends. I have another embarrassing but comical confession…I also applied and sent in photos when I was in my early twenties to try and be a contestant on the show (And I got denied). That feels really good to get off my chest (Thanks, Chris Harrison). I’m pretty sure my employment

So I Binge Watched Fuller House   This weekend I took to Netflix like every other red-blooded American in the country and binge watched Fuller House. From Friday to Sunday afternoon, I was immersed in the greatest bit of nostalgia I have been presented with in ages.  To be clear, I wasn’t the biggest Full House fan that ever existed, but I did enjoy watching the show as a child. 

Hello! It’s me! You guys I’m back!!!! I haven’t written in what seems like forever (Qwan stop rolling your eyes). I may or may have not had a few minor technical issues and not being able to figure out my keypad for my iPad. No one is perfect, so quit your judging. Yes, I was a Mass Comm. major, but sometimes I struggle with technology; so get over it. So

Last night on ABC Anthony Anderson and company did something amazing; they made me feel.  Last night’s episode was entitled “Hope”, and it centered around police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and the world that we live in currently.  I laughed, I cried, but most importantly, I felt this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. I’m a black man, in America.  I’ve done more than I feel like I should have in my

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Deadpool Movie Review Hi folks, Deadpool here. Wait what… You didn’t get the Deadpool costume? Then what the fuck costume am i wearing? What the shit. Hi folks. Its your friendly neighborhood Spiderman here and today we’ll be reviewing Deadpool because my dick producer got the wrong costume. Wade Wilson a former special forces operative turned mercenary is diagnosed with terminal cancer. In an attempt to cure his disease he

In 2013, one the greatest shows to ever exist in the history of moving pictures ended with Felina.  Felina, an anagram for “Finale”, and a cultural reference to the song “El Paso” by Marty Robbins summed up the series perfectly.  The episode tied up all loose ends, gave closure to raving fanatics of the show, and Vince Gilligan was able to put a stamp on one of the greatest shows