Mar 2016

This is 30

This is 30

As I think back on the last ten years of my life a phrase comes to mind; stupid, yet fun. I’m kissing my twenties goodbye next week. I feel like I’ve been mentally preparing for some time now. I’m actually really excited to venture into my thirties! There will be things I will miss about being in my twenties, but there are things I am ready to leave behind. In doing so, I will create even better memories in the new adventures to come. A few things I know I won’t miss about my twenties is caring way too much about what people thought about me and going out every. single. night. I remember being out, dressing up, and making sure I wasn’t missing out on activities. The modern day FOMO (Yah I once had it and experienced it, and I’m glad I got that out of my system).

How about worrying about paying for drinks!? Here in Wisconsin we like to play a little game called Bar Dice, (I’m not going to explain the rules, because 1. I suck at explaining games/rules and 2. I would most likely give you wrong information) but it’s a game you get the bartender involved in, in hopes they will end up buying the group shots! I remember rummaging through old purses and using laundry money at the bars to pay for my drinks, or better yet; flirting with a guy to have him pay for my $1 Miller Lite tapper. I’m reminded on a daily basis how stupid and annoying my posts were on Facebook. Now I know I may still post annoying things, but I read a few things I posted in the last few years and I got embarrassed for myself. Anyone remember MySpace? Is that still around? I would legitimately change my songs and background on a daily basis. Can we say attention driven? Sheesh!

I worked in the restaurant industry right out of college up until I started my career in recruiting. I was a server, a bartender, and at one point I was a manager. That industry taught me a lot about life, but it also taught me that I never wanted to continue in that lifestyle. Bartending and serving is GREAT money and quick money, but the hours and the people were literally the absolute worst. The crew I hung out with was always down to go out after a long 4 hour shift of the shystiest people you could ever imagine. I think being in the restaurant industry is vital for people to truly understand what it’s like to serve people that have a shit ton of money, to people that can barely pay their bills at the end of the night; truly an eye opener. I will say I lived it up in my twenties! Did it come with a price? Sure, but it was totally worth it. I drank until the wee mornings with people that are still near and dear to me. Did I make stupid decisions when it came to a lot of avenues of my life? You better believe it. Would I do it all over again the exact same way? I sure would as it lead me to the woman I am this very day. I’m ready to own my thirties just as much as I did my twenties!


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