15 Greatest NFL Divisional Playoff Games of All-Time

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Now Most of these games have some fancy named coined by NFL beat writers that stuck. Almost all these games have the word “Epic” or “Miracle”, so you’re going to get a heavy dose of me trying to secure a mayonnaise sponsorship

Miracle whip give me your money.

I’m DeQwan Young and today I bring to you the 15 greatest Wild card games in NFL history.

15. The Immaculate Reception
In what we like to call a boring game, this defensive battle between the Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers housed one of the greatest plays in history.

After a 30 yard touchdown run from Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler, the Steelers would face fourth and ten on their own 40 yard line. On the play, Terry Bradshaw would evade rushers and send the ball down field. The pass to John Fuqua was broken up by Jack Tatum, but the ball somehow found Franco Harris and somehow he scored.

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