10 Greatest Wild Card Games in NFL History

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It’s wildcard weekend and were ready for some great football here on The Countdown. Today we look at the 10 greatest Wild card games in NFL history

10. Tebow’s Miracle
Undoubtedly, Tim Tebow is probably one of the worst quarterbacks of all time, but that didnt stop him from playing in the NFL. He got job after job after job and we were all like HOW. After a 1-4 start, John Elway and the broncos made the move to the former Heisman trophy winner, and the Broncos won 6 straight. They would finish the season at 8-8 and hosted the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers.

He finally proved himself worthy of being called an NFL quarterback after throwing a perfect squib kick to Demaryus Thomas as he sent Ike Taylor to hell and scampered 80 yards to paydirt. It would be Tim Tebow’s last touchdown pass in the NFL.

9. These are the Rules to a Lions Collapse
In the 1993-94 season Brett Favre would face off against the Detroit Lions in his first playoff start in history. The Lions led the Packers 17-7 as Barry Sanders came out looking like the GOAT that he is as he rushed for a career playoff high 169 yards.


These are the Lions were talking about. With 55 seconds remaining, Favre tossed a strike to Sterling Sharpe for the go ahead touchdown, as the Packers won 28-24

Find out who came in at number 1!

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