Qwality Sports Podcast Tiers: The NFL Draft Part 2

The Qwality Sports Podcast crew continues their ranks the draft picks from the 2023 NFL Draft

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10 SHOCKING First Round Playoff Eliminations | The Countdown

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What’s up everybody, it’s me DeQwan Young and this is the Countdown.

Today, we look at 10 of the most shocking 1st round playoff eliminations. In the NBA and NHL, we’ve seen 1 seeds go down, we’ve seen one of the greatest seasons in NHL history mean absolutely nothing, so we decided to look back at history and see what the most shocking first round elimination is.

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On This Day | Jerry Rice Drafted by the San Francisco 49ers

On this day, April 30th, in 1985, Wide Receiver Jerry Rice was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1985. Rice went on to have a historic career with the 49ers, helping them win three Super Bowls and setting numerous NFL records along the way. With incredible route running ability, incredible speed, agility, and ability to catch the ball made him one of the most dominant players in NFL history.

Let’s celebrate Jerry Rice and his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

On This Day | Tim Couch Drafted 1st Overall to Cleveland Browns

On this day, April 17th, in 1999, quarterback Tim Couch was drafted into the NFL. Couch was selected first overall by the Cleveland Browns.

Couch played college football at the University of Kentucky, where he set numerous records and was a consensus All-American in 1998. He was highly sought after in the 1999 NFL Draft, ultimately being chosen by the Browns as their first-ever draft pick after returning to the league as an expansion team.

In his five seasons with the Browns, Couch helped lead the team to the playoffs in 2002. He also had stints with the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars before retiring from the NFL in 2007.